Brno is
my playground


Who can play?

Expats on their own, or in teams (we recommend 5 players in one team max). Your Czech friends can accompany you, but they can't register as team members.

When can I play?

You can play any day between 7-18 June, though we recommend avoiding weekends, as you won't be able to enjoy some treats along the way.

Play any time between 9 am and 7 pm. We recommend starting at 5pm at the latest, so you'll enjoy the game to its fullest,

though you can still finish it even after 7pm.


How do I start?

You have to walk to the starting point (Špilberk Hill) and register into the game system. Read exact instruction on how to start here.

How is the game played?

The game is a trail that will lead you through several locations and asks you many questions along the way. You'll have a website opened on your phone, that will guide you through the questions and provide you with relevant information.

What will I need:

- a fully charged phone

- mobile data in your phone

- map application in your phone (Google Maps or

- comfy shoes, some water

Is the game for kids?

The questions are design for adults, but you can take your kids with you, it'll be a pleasant - if rather slow - walk for them.

Who will win?

The teams with the most points will win one of these prizes
In case of a tie, the better time (rounded down to full minutes) decides. In case of another tie, the team who finished first wins. (So better to play sooner, rather than later).

We’ll publish the final scores on 19 June. You’ll receive an email if your team have won a prize. You can pick up the prize on Moravské nám on 19 June, during the Brno Expat City Days, or later (until the end of June 2021) in the Brno Expat Centre office during our opening hours.

Please, be fair

There are ways to cheat the game, but we rely on your sportsmanship to play fairly to other contestants. Also, we reserve the right to eliminate teams with suspicious game behaviour. 

If you're unsure about the rules,

contact us at



The game is for free, but you can still give something back

You can play the game for free as it was funded by the City of Brno, through the Brno Expat Centre.


If you'd still like to give something back, please direct your contribution towards a cause we at the Expat Centre believe in, and donate any sum to ParaCENTRE Fenix:

Fenix helps all spinal cord injured people and their relatives with adjustment and empowers them to live active and fulfilling lives.


or use this QR code for a bank transfer straight to their transparent account:




BEC helps skilled foreign professionals and their families living or planning to live in Brno get settled in the area.

Our mission is to help foreigners find a new home in Brno.

The City of Brno supports the activities of the Brno Expat Centre, being aware of the important value the international companies and institutions and their employees bring here. Brno's vision, as a diverse, open and tolerant city, is to attract and retain increasing numbers of talented foreigners.

The City wants to facilitate the reception and integration of foreigners in the public and private sectors. This also includes its goals in the Brno 2050 Strategy presented at the fair.