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 22 April, 10:00 - 22:00 

10 - 18
fair of expat-friendly opportunities
food festival
+ activities for families

 see the list of exhibitors→ 

10.30 - 17
expert talks 
10.30 - 18

interactive workshops  

18 - 22

evening show + afterparty  

expert talks


Meeting Brno - Everything Starts with an Encounter

Petr Kalousek from Meeting Brno festival

„Meeting Brno“ - You might have heard the expression and seen the logo. But do you know what it means? You‘re part of it. Learn why and how.


Moving Through Brno - Cost-efficiently, Sustainably

Michal Šimoník from Autonapůl

Brno has a lot of sustainable transportation, including public transport (with perks and discounts), bikes, scooters, and carsharing. Learn how to use these options to a maximum.


Twenty Minutes with an Experienced Brno Attorney: Meet Her Now, Avoid Needing Her Later

Eva Sladká Florianová, Attorney at Law

Hear enlightening examples of the most common legal issues that expats in Brno deal with, including items related to family, real estate, and customer rights.


The City Says Hello! Meet the People of the City Government

doc. RNDr. Anna Putnová, Ph.D., MBA from the City of Brno

There are many ways to be IN! The City of Brno has launched dozens of projects and provided many tools to help people turn their smart ideas into reality. A Brno City Municipality representative and Member of the City Assembly will tell you more.


Relocation Distress: Let‘s Deal With It

Veronika Fuchsová from Harmonious Within

Learn about the main factors that influence expats‘ well-being. Define what „home“ and „community“ mean to you. Learn some strategies, tactics, and coping methods to overcome mental struggles connected with relocation.


How to Pursue Your Great Career

Martina Vránová from Toastmasters

Brno Toasmasters will give you tips to succeed in job interviews, and on improving self-presentation skills if you‘re scared of speaking in public.


Futureproofing: 7 Life Mishaps for which You Can Prepare

Monika Souza from Partners

Learn about life insurance and other ways to ease the troubles life brings you and your family. An experienced finance advisor will share her 7 tips.


The Ways Your Life Gets Better with a Permanent Residence Permit

Oldřich Lang from Foreigners

Why? When? Who? How? Get a short but intense introduction to the mystery of permanent residency in the Czech Republic.


Considering a Long-term Commitment? All You Need to Know about Brno2050

Don Sparling from Brno Expat Centre

What? You’ve not heard of Brno2050?! All the more reason to find out what Brno will/might look like in 27 years. You never know, you might still be here.


Sailing Through Cultures: Diplomats of Everyday Life

Tiffany Cook from Cultural Intelligence Coach

Cultural intelligence is an essential tool for living abroad. Learn how to negotiate and build relationships with people who are different than you.


Create from #brnoregion (Space, Grants, Community, Promotion)

David Severa from KUMST

Brno strives to be a good place to live and inspiration for creativity. Learn how #brnoregion supports the cultural and creative industries.


What Difference Can One Expat Make

Olga Golovko from Spolek Vesna

What can you do for our community? Learn how you can better yourself by bolstering the lives of others in Brno.


Researched in Brno: Birds Do It, Bees Do It, Plants Do It As Well

Mgr. Bc. Soňa Valuchová, Ph.D., from Ceitec Masaryk University

Peek into the sex life of plants, and follow in the research footsteps of Mendel. Plus: learn why you should treat your bananas with respect!

Seminars take place on the 4th floor. You can join any of the sessions without booking a seat.



interactive tasters of varied inspiring activities


How to Take Better Photos

Carlos Lopez from Carlos Lopez Photography

Improve your skills and your pics, regardless of your camera.

* for children

¡Hola, niños! Icebreaker Games, Czech and Spanish

Soňa Šťastná from Zona Iberoamericana

Sign your child in, to make new friends through creative activities. We‘ll learn basic phrases, draw, and have fun.

* for children

Book Reading: Grandma Pipi and the Roses.

Corona Cermak from Mixed Families

We‘ll read together a story about a garden full of roses who constantly argue because of their colours.


Improve your English-learning: Learn from the Heart

Jen Hill from The Plant Method

Connecting English to your heart and values will help you learn better. This workshop will teach you how!


In Brno as a Spouse: Learn about the Possibilities

Katka Báňová from the Brno Expat Centre

Career, business opportunities, volunteering, education, leisure... Life is full of options, and our Spouse Programme is here to help you explore them from Brno.


The Spouse Career - an Obstacle or an Opportunity?

Monika Höklová from Brno Expat Centre Spouse Programme

Discuss the opportunities for your local career as an expat spouse.


Scrapbook Your Postcard

Ksenia Doležalová from Brusinka Centre

A creative workshop to craft a wonderful postcard with scrapbooking techniques.

* for children

Kids' Play as an Introduction to French

Lucile Pittellioen Cusimano from La Herna Francophone

Get examples of activities for French-speaking kids of different ages. The workshop is suitable for age 7+.

* for children

Learn Czech with Pictures: My Big Colourful Cat

Šárka Cimburková from Czech with Pictures

A creative Czech language workshop for little foreigners 5-8 years old.


Czech Pronunciation Made Easy

Tomáš Ptáčník from Czech Time

Are you scared of special characters like ř? Have you ever wondered why international words are pronounced differently in Czech?


Less Stress, More Presence: 30 min of Guided Reflection

trauma coach and yoga teacher Janaki  Jarstein

How would life be if we felt less stressed and were able to be more present?


Get to Know South Moravia with a Glass of Wine

sommelier Michaela Lasotová from ViniCZe

Let´s talk about South Moravia as a wine region with beautiful places to see and amazing wines to taste - and we‘ll do just that, right on the spot!

Workshops take place on the 1st floor. Book a spot in advance - on the day of the event, at the café Podobrazy.


& have fun

international food, beer, wine

café, book lounge, interactive corner
(VR, 3D printing), rooftop views

for families: kid corner, kid cinema 


evening show + afterparty 


ISB 2.0

students of the International School of Brno

A short music showcase of the ISB School Band, made up of Secondary and High School students.


Mime Show

Sergey Sanzha from Brusinka Centre

A mime show for both adults and children.


Indian - Irish Fusion dance

Neha Seshadrinath,Bětka Růčková from Démáirt Irish Dancing group, YMCA Brno

A unique fusion of Irish step dancing and Kathak.


Janice Shelcia Soul

Janice Shelcia

A musician from Mozambique performing some of her favorite soul songs. The genre‘s relaxed and catchy rhythms have shown to increase the feeling of joy among its listeners.


European Folklore Dance Jam - workshop

Anna Ward from Ton Simple

A chance for everyone - try out easy dances from different parts of Europe!


ISB G.o.a.t.s.

students of the International School of Brno

Let‘s close the day with some good tunes, shall we?

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