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seminars 2022


How to get the most out of your private insurance

Tomáš Ryšánek from Pafin

Optimize all your health care insurance benefits and save your money.


Friends with Benefits

Valentine Švihálek from Bella Valentina Art

Valentine, a Belgian / American visual artist, educator, and mother, will share her experience of leaning into her passions, building community, and developing a career as an artrepeneur.


Quo vadis, Brno real estate market?

Adam Lasota from Foreigners Agency

Demand now exceeds supply. What does it mean for the rental and sales market in Brno? What is being built now? And where?


Inflation! Keep calm, don't panic.

Monika Souza from Partners Financial Services

How do you protect your money from rapid inflation? Get tips from a financial advisor, including a to-do list for a financially-secure household.


Recycling in Brno: Uncover the Myths

Barbora Procházková from SAKO

Confused about the intricacies of properly sorting waste in Brno? Learn all the tips and tricks.


Ask what you can do for your city and community!

Eva Holzová from the City of Brno

Learn how you can influence the decisions the City and the Municipality make.


Digital Brno: the city's one-stop shop

Eva Holzová from the City of Brno

You don't need to visit offices or speak Czech to sort out many aspects of your life in the city. How?! Learn about all of the perks and register here at the Expat Fair!


Protect yourself from trouble with rental contracts

Marek Viktor from RELP

Lease, sublease, deposit: Make sure to understand your rights.


Racism - both positive and negative - in the CR

Corona Čermáková from Mixed Race Families

Corona, a teacher, a mother, a writer and an African, will share her experiences with the sensitive and senseless topic of racism.


What help is there for victims of crime?

Vladimír Vedra from White Circle of Safety

Learn about criminal law in the CR: What are the institutions? How do you contact them? Which NGOs can help? Learn the answers from a lawyer and a police officer in one person.


50 ways to leave your lover (but stay in the CR)

Tomáš Petyovský from PPCE

Does your latest Tinder experience make more sense than your current relationship? Are you worried about your immigration status if you leave your partner? An immigration expert will advise how to change your life without risk.


‘The end of the Expat era'. How to connect to communities in the new age of uncertainty

Frank Van Bommel

For anyone to thrive in a foreign country, we need much more than basic knowledge of the other culture. One must go beyond the stereotype of an expat, such as knowing about cultural traditions, recipes and folk songs, and realize that it takes much more to connect to communities in a meaningful way and feel at home. Frank van Bommel, originally from the Netherlands, has lived in the CR for about 20 years and has trained and worked with people from over 30 different countries across all continents.


European Space Agency consultant:
Make stress your friend, not an enemy

prof. Julie Dobrovolná from MUNI / RECETOX

Stress is a fact of life that follows wherever you go and lurks behind whatever you're doing. Learn to manage it. How? Listen to a short talk from a stress expert cooperating with the ESA.


workshops 2022

interactive tasters of varied inspiring activities


5 easy steps to pass the A2 Czech test

Ivana Večeřová, Dan Kašpar, Kristýna Dejmková from Czech Courses Brno

Newly, to get a permanent residence in the CR, you have to pass A2 exams. What's the difference from A1 level? And how best to prepare for the test?


What are my sources of energy and joy in life?

Peace of the Soul therapist Petra Nedbálková

How can you find out what really makes you happy and energized? An interactive workshop that will help you discover your sources of energy and joy, and incorporate them into your daily life.


First Aid to keep children and babies safe

Lucie Kulhavá from Vicinis - parenting meetups

First aid on children is different than that used on adults. Learn the specifics and be prepared to help your loved ones.


Identity design - modern graphics

Elena Rozhkova from the Ostrava Expat Centre

What to consider when designing an identity of an organisation, city or a group? Explore the possibilities with an experienced designer Elena, our special guest from Ostrava Expat Centre.


Prepare to give birth in Brno

Lorena Torsani, Doula in Brno

Overwhelmed about the idea of giving birth? Let alone in a foreign country? You're not alone. Discover ways to enhance your overall experience while getting the tools to make informed decisions. As a foreign doula, who has also given birth away from home, I am here to hold your hand, create a safe space and help guide you through the entire process.


What’s Your Story?

Bruno Zalubil from Brno Writers Group

Join the Brno Writers Group for a quick, step-by-step writing workshop. You never know what you will come up with.


Wanna become a better version of yourself?

Marius Cornescu from Brno Toastmasters

Public speaking, leadership, personal growth. Learn how you can enhance and practice these capabilities.


Mini Czech lesson for beginners

Václav Solich from Correct Language Centre

Take a lessons for total beginners (at 3 p.m.) or A1-A2 (at 3:15 p.m.). Expect interactive activities and a bit of fun.


How do you bring a children’s story alive
through crafts?

Diana Buritica from A proč? Brno book club

"They All Saw a Cat" by Brendan Wenzel has simple language and beautiful illustrations about perspective and imagination. After the read-through, there will be a creative workshop with cats, cats and more cats! For kids from 2 to 7 years old.


Art Workshop

Andrea Herzanen from Lužánky, Brno's largest leisure centre

Minimalist Decoration of Laser Cut Wooden Flowers. Small particular parts of flowers will be coloured by paint.


Chat-up lines to impress your Czech love interest

Slow Czech language courses

What can you say to a Czech girl or guy to get their attention?


Delve into a story and bring it to life. . .

Marius Cornescu from Brno Book club discussion with fellow readers.


& have fun

international food, beer, wine

café, book lounge, interactive corner
(VR, 3D printing), rooftop views

for families: kid corner, kid cinema 


afterparty 2022

* for families

Children's Theatre en español


A loving story based on the book “Louve” by the French writer and illustrator Fanny Ducassé, enriched by quotes from poems. A story about a deep autumn forest, a rare red wolf, hot chocolate and love. An experience that awakens all your senses.

* for families

ISB school band show

International School of Brno

Short music showcase of the ISOB School Band and Music Students of the Secondary and High School


B. Proudew (Hrdý Budžes)

Czech Theater

A short excerpt from the English-language version of a play about a smart, naive girl experiencing 1970's 'Normalization' in Czechoslovakia. Written by Irena Dousková, translated by Melvyn Clarke, adapted for the stage by Czech Theater. A taster of an amazing show you should see in its entirety!


Music from Ukraine

different artists

A surprise performance by singers and musicians from Ukraine, some just newly arrived in Brno.


Balfolk workshop

Ton Simple

A chance for everyone - try out easy dances from different parts of Europe!


Swinging Expats

Mister & Missus C

A swing guitar and vocal cover band of Jan Čarek (CZ) and Géraldine Schnyder (SWI). Pop, Soul, Jazz and Blues hits in their own intimate, playful and often very groovy way! They will give your feet a hard time to stand still and move you to finish off the whole day on a high.

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